What if the key to reaching your full potential wasn't about what talents you were born with, but something more?

Discover how a Competitor's Mindset can elevate your success. Jake Thompson, author & founder of Compete Every Day, will motivate and empower you to embrace your inner Competitor and strive for the higher levels of success in your work and life that you're truly capable of achieving.

*Avaliable in Paperback, Audiobook & Kindle.

Topics Covered in this Book

Building a Winning Mindset

Deep dive into the importance of a winning Competitor Mindset & how you can begin building one today.

Importance of Daily Steps

Discover how the small "can't see" daily choices we make produce the "can't miss" big results we crave.

The Power of Relationships

Discover how to build a winning lineup in your professional & personal lives.

Ways to Overcome Failure

Uncover the winning tips to getting past bad days & bad breaks in order to ultimately rebound & win.

Effort vs. Talent

We tend to believe talent is the defining factor in success, but learn how research shows our consistent effort counts more.

How True Leadership Looks

One of the most important choices a Competitor can make is embracing what *true* leadership looks like.

What Readers Are Saying

I love the fact that it was short and had some great nuggets that you could take away and use immediately, I am looking forward to using the scorecard personally and giving to my managers. I recommend this book to everyone who needs a reminder of what they are made of on the inside and how important it is to live that out. Not only for yourself but for the world.


This book is such a great read and relates to everyday situations. I can't wait to read it many more times through and soak up new take always each time!


Jake breaks down his motivational message into easily digestible bites that are not only actionable but relatable. Leveraging his background in fighting through adversity, Jake shows us the obstacles that we need to overcome are within our power to tackle if we're willing to put in the effort required to succeed.

Jason D

As a decidedly non-athletic but definitely competitive person, "Compete Every Day" deepened my own thinking on discipline and introduced me to the paradigm of competing against myself. I've found myself returning to the concepts over and over, as both encouragement and motivation to do more than I think I can; and over and over, I prove to myself that my capacity and capability is limited only by.....me. I'm grateful for this new approach, and for this book, which was both an easy read and a deep dive.

Tara R

Halfway through and already learned so much. I will be have my college daughter read it after I finish. I believe it will help her tremendously on the the volleyball court and in her life.


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About the Author

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson is a professional speaker and the Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day, a brand he started in 2011 by first selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car.

Jake works with organizations and individuals around the country, teaching how they can develop accountability, mental resilience, and leadership skills in order to make bigger impacts in their careers and in their life. It’s through his experience and research that he’s discovered how people who harness a competitive mindset against themselves can reach their goals, commit to action over motivation, and step into the leader they were created to be.